Tours Packages

Take our tours boats to amazing white
and beaches, sheer limestone cliffs, coral
gardens, lakes, lagoons or hot springs.

Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon,
91 Beach, Siete Pecados Marine Park,
Atwayan Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Baracuda
Lake, Smit Beach.

Pass Island, Malcapuya Island, Banana Island
and Calambuyan Island.

Let us arrange your Island Hopping with
beach barbeques, snorkelling and lots of
sun, sea and sand.

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Coron Island Tour

This truly is a great tour for everyone, a whole day trip which provides a variety of experiences that showcases the natural beauty of Coron.

This tour starts with you all enjoying snorkeling and swimming at the famous Siete Pecados Marine Park - look out for the fantastic corals, the small reef fish, the large pelagic fish and the occassional barracuda and turtle. Enjoy a seafood picnic lunch prepared at a nearby beach.

The next stop comprises a minor hiking activity for a swim at Kayangan Lake - one of the cleanest lakes in Asia. Follow this up with a snorkel in the reefs of Twin Peaks reef. Unveil the tranquil waters of the Hidden Lagoon surrounded by limestone rock formations before a relaxing cruise back to Discovery Island.

Destinations: Siete Pecados, Beach, Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks reef and Hidden Lagoon.